Dominic Monaghan Wants to Be Cast in Star Wars

The casting rumors surrounding Star Wars Episode VII have been rampant and for the most part wholly untrue. While big names have been tossed around, the cast will likely feature unknown names or names that aren’t big blockbuster quality stars.

We know this thanks to actor Dominic Monaghan, who recently spoke with J.J. Abrams and relayed some information to the masses. In addition to noting that the cast will likely be unknown actors, the Lost and Lord of the Rings actor threw his hat into the ring saying he’d love to have a part.

Per Variety:

Will Dominic Monaghan play a Jedi in the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII”? Probably not, but the actor has talked to his “Lost” exec producer J.J. Abrams about appearing in the film.

“Give me a lightsaber, I’ll do anything,” Monaghan told DweebCast earlier this week.

That doesn’t mean that we can expect Monaghan to be in the running for a part, but his saying he wants a part and his getting a part are two different things.

Still, he’s a viable option since he’s under the radar and has a history with J.J. Abrams. He may not be a front runner but he’s still someone to consider at the very least.

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