New Star Wars video game to feature open world roaming?


Star wars fans are waiting for the next big video game to come along as the world of video game storytelling as advanced tremendously and the franchise’s new pact with EA has a lot of gamers and fans alike excited. With 1313 cancelled, the Star Wars universe is hunting for its next game and we may have been given a major tip of the hand as to what could be in store.

EA Canda is apparently hiring for developers to help create an open world game that may or may not be the next iStar Wars game.

Per Digital Trends:

Earlier this year, EA Canada confirmed that it was working on an open-world title while hiring a combat designer, but it gave no details on the game. The studio later confirmed that the game would in fact be a Star Wars game, and this job posting now seemingly confirms it will be a next-gen open world game set in a galaxy far, far away. EA Redwood Shores is also working on a Star Wars project, but nothing more is known about it other than it is in the very early stages of development. Based on two other job listings for executive producers though, EA Canada and EA Redwood Shores may be working on the same project.

Something that felt lacking in the two Force Unleashed games was the ability to free roam like you can in GTA V and the Assassins Creed games.

If that capability is put into the new Star Wars game, it could help put the next game over the top.

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