Rumor: Episode VII To Shoot in Morocco

We are just a few weeks away from the start of filming on Star Wars Episode VII and we’re starting to learn more and more about what the production will hold. While a rumor surfaced lately that scenes could be shot to replicate the ice world of Hoth, Badass Digest is reporting that J.J. Abrams will be taking cameras to Morocco in six weeks for two weeks of shooting.

Per Badass Digest:

Many Bothans etc: sources tell me that Star Wars Episode VII will begin shooting almost exactly six weeks from today, on May 14th. The first two weeks will be on location in Morocco.

As Badass Digest points out, some abandoned sets form the 1977 film An New Hope were recently discovered in Morocco and it’s possible that Abrams could use these in the new film.

Regardless, it appears that Tatooine will be back in the fold for the new film and this lends to the theory that the original trilogy films will be officially wrapped up and the mantle will be passed to a new cast. Even is that’s not the case, anytime we return to Tatooine it’s a good day and that appears to be in store for Star Wars Episode VII.

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