EA nabs former Uncharted director for possible Star Wars video game

With the arrival of the Star Wars saga at Disney, the video game company EA inked a big 10-year deal to produce Star Wars video games that are unrelated to the movies and completely original material. We have yet to hear exactly what the projects will be but there is growing hope that they will be outstanding.

According to GameRadar, former Uncharted director Amy Hennig has joined an unnamed EA project that everyone dis assuming is Star Wars and could be a Han Solo project.

Per GameRadar.com:

What could Visceral really be working on? Well, EA Canada is said to be working on an open-world title, but Visceral has yet to confirm or deny their involvement in the project. But now that one of the leading creative minds behind Uncharted has joined the team, we can at least look forward to possibly even more intriguing plotlines to be explored. … But there are just too many amazing alternatives to consider–like a full-blown Han Solo game.

There’s nothing to say it will be a Han Solo project but we were going to see Boba Fett and the world of bounty hunting get it’s due in the cancelled 1313 and digging into that world from the perspective of Han Solo could be a brilliant game that everyone would play.

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  • Ryan Noh

    Welp, EA and Uncharted, a match made in hell’s bowels, so much for a revival of the star wars game franchise, goodnight sweet prince.