LucasArts to tie all future Star Wars games to official cannon

There has been a major controversy brewing in a ataxy not so far away as the decision by Lucasfilm and Disney to for the most part brush the Expanded Universe to the side as angered Star Wars fans everywhere. Not only is this a move that gives license to retcon the existing EU but it basically means that all of the great non-film stories we’ve experienced over the last 30 years are basically fan fiction.

Not all stories that exist outside of the cinema will be tossed aside though as Disney and Lucasfilm are moving forward with the idea of using the new EU to tie into their various theatrical ventures in the future. According to GamerSyndrome, LucasArts and Electronic Arts will be developing video games that indeed tie into the films that will be released.

It was said that the 10-year agreement that LucasArts and EA inked  would lead to original content being produced and while the stories will tie into the movies, this isn’t completely false. The games that are produced may not veer far from the stories we see created in the films — both past and present — but they will dig deeper into those stories and become original content in that regard.

So while original content had us thinking of games like Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Academy, we will get more games like The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: Battlefront which really isn’t that bad of a thing. If not getting original EU style video games means we can get games that dig deeper into films like The Empire Strikes Back then that’s hard to chalk up as a loss.

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