"A New Dawn" Revealed

In the same week that Lucasfilm largely brushed the Expanded Universe to the side — at least all existing content from the EU — a new book that will exist outside of the films has been announced and cold hit bookshelves as soon as May 4th.

According to TheForce.net, the new title for his upcoming book will be Star Wars: A New Dawn and it will be the first book published under the new ownership of Disney.

While the announcement comes on the heels of word that the existing Exanded Universe as been reduced to more of a guideline than anything else, A New Dawn will be part of Disney and Lucasfilm’s new push to update the EU and fill it with stories that can connect to the upcoming slate of films.

As it stands now, all previously released books, comic books and television shows are not considered Star Wars cannon although they won’t simply be erased altogether. A New Dawn won’t fit into that category of forgotten stories and will be considered the closest thing to cannon as it can be.

The title itself is a reference to both the new era the franchise is in and the feelings towards the existing EU. A New Dawn is more than just a book title, it’s a metaphor and a message all wrapped up in one.

An interesting footnote to the announcement of the title is that we’ve heard A New Dawn teased in the past, but at the time we all though it was a working title for J.J. Abrams Star Wars Episode VII. Instead, it turns out that it’s the title of this upcoming book which will likely kick off mass production of ‘New EU’ stories.

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