Episode VII Rumors: Cast Spotted in London

It seems that the original Star Wars band is getting back together in London as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill all just so happen to be in London at the same time. While this may be a complete coincidence, when you factor in the fact that filming on Star Wars Episode VII is slated to begin soon at Pinewood Studios, this all starts to become less coincidental.

Per Entertainment Weekly, all three Star Wars actors were spotted in various London locations that varied from being right out in the open to laying low with other Star Wars actors.

Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill — three people who are synonymous with classic Star Wars — have all turned up in London this weekend, just as J.J. Abrams’ first installment in the new trilogy is about to begin shooting at nearby Pinewood Studios.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the belief is that Hamill, Ford and Fisher will all be starring in the new Star Wars film to wrap up their characters stories and hand things off to the new generation of characters. Even if they aren’t in London for Episode VII, it’s still cool knowing that Han, Luke and Leia are all in the same city at the same time — the galaxy already feels a lot safer.

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