Episode VII Working Title May be "An Ancient Fear"

Last week, Star Wars fans all got the news they had been waiting months — of not years — to hear as the cast of the upcoming Star wars Episode VII was finally revealed. J.J. Abrams later teased that more casting is likely to be coming further down the line.

While today doesn’t bring word of new additions to the cast, it does bring a potential title leak, as we may have learned the working title for Episode VII.

According to Ain’t It Cool News, the working title for Episode VII is apparently An Ancient Fear, which may clue us in on the story of the latest installment.

Now, it’s impossible to tel if this is true or if it’s just a false lead but nevertheless it gets us talking about the title of the film — which is likely the next big announcement coming from Disney and Lucasfilm. While Star Wars Episode VII: An Ancient Fear could give us some insight into the story behind the title, it’s not the best choice fans can think of.

Obviously, An Ancient Fear alludes to the rise of whatever remnants of the Empire remain, and really it’s in the same league as a title like Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Empire or Star Wars Episode VII: Resurrection of the Empire. Still, the titles for Star Wars films have always been pretty straight forward as there’s not a whole lot of creativity in The Empire Strikes Back but in retrospect it’s a bad ass title.

So while we can complain about An Ancient Fear, it’s not the worst title ever and we have to remember that it’s likely not a permanent one either.

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