What We Learned From The Star Wars: Rebels Trailer

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This weekend, as part of the May the Fourth festivities (and I do hope you had a wonderful Star Wars Day), the folks at Disney/Lucasfilm released a full fledged trailer for Star Wars: Rebels.  For those unaware, Star Wars: Rebels is a cartoon series coming this fall to DisneyXD, set in the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope (about five years before the Battle of Yavin, to be precise).

While we’ve gotten clips and character introductions over the past few months, this was the first real glimpse at what the show is going to look like.

So what stood out from this first trailer?

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  • Steerpike

    In this picture, Kanan’s blade looks exactly blue.

    • Cardinal70

      It does in that picture, true. That was released earlier in the publicity cycle, though. I don’t figure Kanan has more than one blade, though maybe he’s collected some through his travels, picking them up from deceased Jedi. Because in the trailer it is pretty clearly purplish or at least not blue. We’ll see if there’s a reason for that when the show comes along, I guess!