J.J. Abrams Addresses Leaked Episode VII Photos

J.J. Abrams has had it.

He’s fed up with all these photographs coming out from Episode VII filming and set construction.  People start speculating and drawing conclusions and before you know it, they are off on some wild speeder chase.  He’s trying to make a movie here, blast it, and keeping it quiet isn’t possible with all these images out there.

So, what do you do in this day and age when you have to get something off your chest?  You go to Twitter.

Now, sharp-eyed folks might notice that Abrams’ tongue is pretty firmly in his cheek with this notecard.  After all, what’s that the card is resting on?  Sure looks a lot like a familiar table from a familiar ship…..


I don’t know about you, but all this Star Wars information, including the fact that another stand-alone director has been announced, is making me pretty giddy.  Rebels coming shortly and a new movie every year for a while?  Yes, please!

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