Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars Rebels?

For a few months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Billy Dee Williams would be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian on the upcoming animated prequel show Star Wars: Rebels and we now have confirmation of his role. The confirmation comes not from some insider source or a some random blog, but rather from Billy Dee Williams himself.

According to Williams, he will be a part of the Star Wars: Rebels voice cast, although it’s still unconfirmed if he will be playing Lando or simply lending his voice to a new character.


This is phenomenal news and sort of fills the void we were left in when the Star Wars Episode VII cast was announced and Billy Dee Willliams was not a part of it. While it’s still unconfirmed that he’ll be playing Lando, chances are rather high that’s the role we’re talking about here.

You don’t just cast Billy Dee Williams in a Star Wars project and then not give him the role of Lando. It’s possible we could be wrong, but just having Williams as part of the voice cast is enough for us now as Star Wars: Rebels continues to be something that all Star Wars fans are eagerly looking forward to.

[h/t: TheForce.Net]

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