The Old Republic Galactic Strongholds Preview on Twitch Today

Players of MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon be able to leave the cramped confines of their ships for spacious homes on planets across the galaxy, and the folks at EA are ready to show off some prime real estate.  Today, the devs of SWTOR will stream the first episode of a new Galactic Living series on twitch, which will showcase various features of the forthcoming digital expansion Galactic Strongholds, which focuses on player housing.  

The first stream will begin today (July 2nd) at 4:30 pm ET/1:30 pm PT and focus on the housing decoration system.  The date and content of future streams is TBD.  The stream can be watched on the SWTOR twitch channel (

Galactic Strongholds, a digital expansion for EA’s free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic launches on August 19th for subscribers and October 14th for all players.

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