Listen To This Amazing Acoustic Star Wars Medley

The Force is strong with these musicians as they perform an incredible acoustic rendition of classic Star Wars themes.

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There are so many covers of the classic Star Wars themes out there on the internet.  Searching for “Star Wars Theme” on YouTube will give you everything from 8-bit music to kids on kazoos.  The plethora of Star Wars covers is a testament to how much love there is for the music of Star Wars, but it can also make it hard for really spectacular music to stand out. This acoustic rendition of classic Star Wars themes doesn’t have that problem however, because it’s so incredible that it just has to stand out from the pack.

The YouTube channel BenDanProductions has created many amazing pop culture covers from a western style Game of Thrones theme to a mariachi style Battlefront theme, but this Star Wars medley has to be one of their finest works.

Check it out for yourself and see if the Force moves you.

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes could never hope to match that. It’s obvious that the Force is strong with these musicians. The only real question is, when can we download this cover on iTunes?

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