Giancarlo Esposito (rightfully) describes Baby Yoda as a spiritual experience

Giancarlo Esposito is teasing that Baby Yoda will bring us all on an eye-opening experience in season 2.

There have been many things that may have led to better self-development among all people in the year 2020: spending more time with yourself indoors, learning new hobbies and reading new books would surely put you on the path to nirvana these days. But there’s an unexpected frontrunner who may accelerate all of our spiritual enlightenment journeys this year: Baby Yoda.

Yes, you heard that right. And, well, that’s at least to The Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is absolutely head-over-heels for the little guy. The Moff Gideon actor appeared on Good Morning America today, and they couldn’t help but ask him about his thoughts on Baby Yoda.

At first, Esposito’s answer was pretty standard. The entire cast has loved The Child from the beginning, including lead Pedro Pascal, so Esposito had nothing but good words to say when asked if he bonded with Baby Yoda on set:

It’s hard not to bond with such a beautiful, wonderful being — those beautiful eyes and those ears just entrance you. Baby Yoda is powerful! When I was talking to Jon Favreau, who created the show, I said, “That is the star of the show. Don’t forget it!”

Then, they asked if all the fame and popularity has gotten to Baby Yoda’s head. A funny question to ask, but Esposito certainly answered the question in a deeper way than anyone could have expected. He described that children, in general, are unjaded and that applies to 50-year-old Baby Yoda. On top of that, he personified Baby Yoda as a “realized being who has no ego and just listens and really hears.” And on top of it all, he felt like there’s an organic truth within Baby Yoda that just shows the purity of his character. He finished off by adding:

He’s gonna take this show and allow us to take a journey spiritually to who we are inside.

Well, we were expecting a lot of things out of The Mandalorian, but a spiritual journey was not on our list! To be fair, judging by everyone’s response to Baby Yoda, it’s clear that he really does bring out the best of us. His cuteness and charm are unmatched, and it’s a great character to have around amid all the noise we experience every day.

So, you may want to grab your sage or a few crystals before watching the next season of The Mandalorian when it comes out on Oct. 30. You’ll want to be as ready as possible for what Baby Yoda has in store for us. But we have a feeling we can never be too ready for the surprises The Child has in mind.

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