Oscar Isaac reportedly in talks to play Moon Knight in Marvel’s Disney+ series

Oscar Isaac could be the latest Star Wars alum to be part of the MCU.

Actor Oscar Isaac will always be Poe Dameron in our hearts, but we may have to make room for him as another character under the Disney umbrella soon: Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that the actor is in talks to assume the role of the Marvel character. This includes The Hollywood ReporterVariety, and Deadlineso the announcement may be as good as official. (Just like Star Wars, Marvel takes its time to officially confirm to the public when someone has been cast, even after trade publications have already reported on the news themselves.)

What this means is that Isaac will be starring in the lead role of the Disney+ Marvel series, and it could potentially lead him to being in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie — since the TV series and the movies will all be connected now. But seeing as the Moon Knight series doesn’t have an official release date, and all of 2020’s Marvel movies have been pushed back to next year, it’ll likely be some time before we see him on movie screens, let alone Disney+. The latest word (as of April 2020) says that the series will premiere in 2022.

The series will be led by Jeremy Slater who, most notably, developed Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy series. It seems fitting, then, that Slater will be back to adapt another comic book series. And in this series, it will follow the adventures of character Marc Spector, an ex-soldier and mercenary who later becomes a crimefighter while assuming the powers of an Egyptian moon god.

It may or may not have helped that Isaac was part of the Marvel universe before as an ancient being — albeit that time, he was the bad guy. Isaac played the role of Apocalypse in the aptly titled X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). And while the movie was met with lukewarm reviews, it’s a good thing that the poor reviews of the film didn’t hurt Isaac’s overall reputation. (Since then, he’s been cast in numerous other roles, including Dune. So he’ll be fine.)

Isaac himself seems to be with John Boyega in closing the Star Wars chapter of his life for now. For example, Isaac wasn’t one of the returning castmembers to voice their character in the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. But, as Boyega recently said in an interview, if Oscar Isaac were to come back to Star Wars with Daisy Ridley, he would consider returning himself.

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