Star Wars Prequels Edited Into One Big Movie


One of the major gripes that all Star Wars fas have is that the prequel films sort take away from the glory of the original trilogy thanks to their lack of anything particularly special going on. The sins can be, for he most part, forgiven but there are still plenty of ways the prequels can be improved.

Topher Grace apparently made a re-edited version of the first three films and now a Vimeo user named Double Digit has done the same thing and the results are brilliant.

It’s hard to laud something that can never be seen, as the stormtroopers from Lucasfilm have taken the film down already, but for those who saw the cut, dubbed ‘Star Wars: Turn to the Dark Side’, it was an amazing retelling of the prequels.

For staters, the film takes all of the three prequel films and dials down most of the garbage that pissed fans off in the first place, like the weird levels the Padme-Anakin love story goes to and mostly all of Jar-Jar. In fact, there is pretty much no Jar-Jar in this version of the film which is part of what makes it brilliant.

It’s not that Jar-Jar isn’t in it that makes it brilliant, but the fact that some random film editor could edit Jar-Jar entirely out of the prequels and still make it all make sense — and George Lucas couldn’t. Jar-Jar is still in it for certain parts that couldn’t have been edited around but most of his dumbassery is taken out and the tone of the films instantly change.

There’s also an extra emphasis spent on Anakin and his decent to the dark side. From the get-go, we get dark vibes about Anakin and those progress into the slaughter of the Jedi near the end of the film.

It’s one of many re-edits to the prequels but Star Wars: Turn to the Dark Side is probably one of the best re-edits out there and it’s a shame that it has already been taken down.

[h/t: CNET]