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Meet The Team

Anwesha Nag

Anwesha is a writer, reader, cat mom, caffeine enthusiast, and obsessed with all things nerdy.

Brian Adigwu

Brian is a writer and journalist who is a Star Wars, Comic Book, Book, and coffee addict. He is also a cosplayer. He aspires to be a cross between Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, and Clark Kent: "just a simple and suave mild-mannered man making his way for a better tomorrow." When Brian is not writing, he usually reading a book or a comic book, writing a story he hopes will one day become a book, or getting lost in playing a video game (usually a Star Wars or Zelda game). Brian's work has appeared in numerous publications including the Santa Monica Daily Press, the Argonaut, the Daily Planet (Not affiliated with DC Comics). Brian also has a podcast called the "Geek Talk with Brian of Earth-16" which can be listened on Spotify and Apple itunes.


Brianna Alers

Brianna is a student at Colorado State University. One day, she hopes to become a doctor, but until then, she obsesses about Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ben Winnell

Melbourne based entertainment writer and contributor at FanSided


Eric Clayton

Eric A. Clayton is the author of "My Life with the Jedi: The Spirituality of Star Wars" and the award-winning "Cannonball Moments," a book on storytelling and spirituality. He also dabbles in speculative fiction. Follow his writing at ericclaytonwrites.com or sign up for his Substack at ericclayton.substack.com.


Haley Brown

Haley has been writing since 2019. She's studying for a degree in journalism and bringing her passion for entertainment and style to their writing. Star Wars has been a big part of their life since childhood, especially The Clone Wars. She enjoys animated shows and movies and plays Star Wars RPGs with friends. When not writing or gaming, she runs a fashion vlog. Haley is very happy to be a part of the Dorkside team, both getting writing experience and being able to share and add to the Star Wars Fandom.

Hope Mullinax

Hope is Dork Side of the Force's Site Expert. She holds a deep love of Star Wars animation after seeing The Clone Wars movie in theaters, which made her a fan. She's always been interested with fandom history, studying trends and writing fanfiction for fun. She loves Star Wars books and comics, especially the High Republic, which she got her first taste of when she managed a comic book store for years. She is also the animation staff writer for The Geeky Waffle, a contributor to Wealth of Geeks, and a news writer for Collider. When not writing, she rolls dice on For Light and Dice, a Star Wars TTRPG podcast.


Ian Walter

Ian is a movie/series review writer and podcaster who loves talking about movies/TV - with a propensity for the following franchises: Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc. Greatest Villains of all time: Darth Vader & Dr. Doom


Joel Leonard

We can talk about Star Wars all day. Everyday.

Kaki Olsen

If prompted, Kaki Olsen can talk for hours on storytelling, classics of speculative fiction, world travel, or the Red Sox. Boston-raised and BYU-educated, she is three decades into her devotion to hobbits, Jedi, and good reinventions of classic themes. Her first novel, Swan and Shadow, was published in 2016, but she writes academic papers on pop culture for fun. She cohosts A Sacred Fellowship, a podcast deep-diving into classic speculative fiction, and works on her next project from her home in northern Massachusetts. Details of her other projects can be found at gardenofdeceit.substack.com


Linda Lyons-Bailey

Practicing DVM ... sci-fi nerd. I write about relationships, Star Wars, and some original fiction. All of the projects I am kicking around are on Substack at https://gardenofdeceit.substack.com/ ... always FREE.

Mehwish Mahmood

Mehwish has been a Contributor at "Dork Side of the Force" since January 2023. As a fan since the prequels, she has a lot to say about Star Wars. She's glad to have a place to say it. Her love for the franchise has grown over the past few years thanks to all the wonderful live-action and animated series, and her job is to express that love through a medium she's most passionate about which is writing! Mehwish's favorite Star Wars characters are Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Din Djarin, Grogu, Jyn Erso, and Cassian Andor. Her favorite Star Wars movies are ROTS, Rogue One, and ESB, and her favorite series is The Mandalorian.


Matthew Rudoy

Matthew Rudoy is a freelance writer who loves to write about his favorite movies and TV shows. Before becoming a contributor for FanSided Entertainment and Dork Side of the Force, Matthew was a Verified Creator for Movie Pilot. In addition to contributing to Dork Side of the Force, he is also a news writer for Screen Rant. He has previously self-published two fantasy/sci-fi novels titled Corruption and Destruction. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, he loves writing about the franchise and all it has to offer.


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