Mark Hamill Says He’s Not Going to Spoil Episode VII


We are still well over a year away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII but just knowing that the film is coming has lots of Star Wars fans everywhere excited to see where the story will go next.

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Andor season 2 gets pushed back to 2025 by Disney /

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  • One of the things that is making this new film so intriguing is unlike the prequels, the original cast will be reprising their roles form the original trilogy which has fans over the moon with excitement. It will be the first time in over 30 years that we’ll have seen Han, Luke and Leia all together and it’s something that fans want to see right away and not wait for. Unfortunately, the wait is going to be agonizing as not only will we have to wait for the film, we’ll all have to avoid spoilers along the way.

    Mark Hamill talked to the Orlando Sentinel as part of his big introduction at Disney and noted, among other things, that you shouldn’t take it personally when he doesn’t want to dish on what Star Wars Episode VII is all about.

    "I’ve altered my diet. I’ve started working out. There’s that. But on the film itself: I toured the departments, I’ve looked at wardrobe, and I saw the creature shop. I went around and met all the cast people, saw the technicians working on some new things. This is a whole different world … The first one, no one cared. The second one there was a lot of interest, but it was before the internet. … I tell people we’re not trying to annoy you or tease you or play some massive game. Basically what the goal is to keep the surprises for the movie instead of spoiling them on the internet."

    We’ve already seen over 60 set photos leaked by TMZ and production has literally just started and the film was only cast last month. That tells us that the spoilers will be coming hard and fast, but we at least know they won’t be coming coming from Luke Skywalker.