Episode VII To Feature Christina Chong


Star Wars: Episode VII adds the newest member to its’ ever growing cast, Christina Chong. The 31 year old British actress can most recently be seen in the TV series 24: Live Another Day.

Variety reports:

"British actress Christina Chong has joined the cast of “Star Wars: Episode VII,” sources confirm. It’s unknown who Chong will play in the Disney and Lucasfilm tentpole but it’s said to be a minor role."

According to her Wikipedia page, Christina studied dance until the age of nineteen before turning to acting. Her impressive physical skills are put on display in a short film titled Christina Chong Parkour Showreel 2012, which features Miss Chong bounding along London’s rooftops to the sound of Alex Clare’s indomitable Too Close“.


Interestingly enough, Christina Chong isn’t the only cast member announced for Star Wars: Episode VII that practices the fine art of parkour. Earlier this month, Lucasfilm confirmed the casting of young British actor Pip Andersen. Andersen earned a role in Episode VII through an open audition that invited over 67,000 other submissions.

From the official Star Wars website:

"At the end of last year Lucasfilm and Disney invited all young aspiring actors to attend an open casting call for roles in J.J Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. The casting calls spanned 11 cities across the US and UK and over 37,000 hopefuls attended, with a further 30,000 submitting applications online.Having hunted high and low for young and undiscovered talent, the filmmakers are delighted to announce that two actors from the open call call have been cast.British actor Pip Andersen is a skilled practitioner of parkour, a discipline that involves propelling oneself through any given environment with incredible grace and agility."

Though his acting career is by no means sizeable, his physical skills are most impressive. Enjoy a demonstration of Mr. Andersen’s skills in the video below:

What does all of this parkour have to do with Star Wars: Episode VII? Will we see even more actors joining the cast who share this particular set of skills? Let’s hear your thoughts, Dork Siders! Leave us a comment below.