Ian McDiarmid Talks Return of Palpatine


The venerable Ian McDiarmid; the actor who brought life to the evil Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, recently made his first ever UK convention appearance and discussed his work in Star Wars. During a panel at the London Film & Comic Con, he took answers from the audience regarding his possible return in Star Wars: Episode VII.

From Flicks and the City:

"It was actually Ian’s first appearance at a UK convention and he took the opportunity to answer questions from fans about his appearance as Emperor Palpatine in 1983′s Return of the Jedi, his work on the Star Wars prequel trilogy, filming with George Lucas, his theatre work, the first time he watched Return of the Jedi, his work on Angry Birds Star Wars II, finding out he was Darth Sidious, running his own theatre, and much more.Ian also talked about whether he will appear in Star Wars Episode 7, why he really wants to return to the Star Wars universe, and why he’d like to see a spin-off movie for Emperor Palpatine."

In short, McDiarmid confirmed that he will NOT be appearing in Episode VII:

"“I’m definitely not in that and as you know, he’s dead by then. I know you believe in reincarnation and holograms and all the rest of it but no, I’m not in any of that.”"

McDiarmid continued by expressing his interest in reprising the role in a possible spin-off film:

"“… and I guess they may go back to a time… when the Emperor ran the universe… and I don’t want anyone else to play him, do I?”"

This should come as no surprise to Star Wars fans, as the 69 year old actor has shown no signs of slowing down in either his film or theatre career and always speaks enthusiastically about his involvement in the Star Wars films.

You can hear McDiarmid discuss a possible return as Palpatine in the clip below. Also, check out the full 36 minute interview here.

What do you think, Dork Siders? Would you like to see a Palpatine spin-off film? If so, are there any other actors who you think would be worthy of playing the evil Sith Lord? Leave us a comment!