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The Music of Star Wars Finds New Life


The folks over at Rebel Force Radio and Shotglass Digital have brought fans hours of entertainment with their network of podcasts, presenting news and commentary with a fun approach. The latest of these podcasts is helping to renew interest in the fantastic music that pervades all six films of the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Oxygen focuses on the film scores of legendary composer John Williams in a monthly discussion. Hosts David W. Collins and Jimmy “Mac” McInerney spend an hour during every episode analyzing the music from the entire Star Wars saga. Since its’ first episode released in November of 2013, the show has garnered praise from film and music lovers alike.

The music of John Williams certainly lends itself to plenty of engaging conversation. There is no shortage of material to cover, since nearly two hours of music was originally composed for the first Star Wars film alone. Opting not to simply gloss over each of Williams’ main themes, the show digs deep into every musical cue to uncover moments that may have gone unnoticed by more casual listeners.

What is it that makes this music so timeless? How are fans still finding new ways to appreciate the Star Wars soundtracks, even decades after the films were released? These are just a few questions that musician and podcaster David W. Collins poses during each new episode of Oxygen.

Collins is well known to Star Wars fans, having worked for LucasArts as the lead sound designer and voice director for several years. He has also served as host of the digital stage at Star Wars Celebration since 2007. Video game enthusiasts may also recognize him as the voice of Proxy; the lethal holodroid from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the Star Wars galaxy however, is his portrayal of a young Han Solo in the audio drama Smuggler’s Gambit. Written and directed by über fan Kyle Newman, the original “radio drama” style script was performed before a live audience at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida.

The other half of hosting duties on Oxygen are fulfilled by the undeniably charismatic Jimmy “Mac” McInerney, who also serves as host of the incredibly popular Rebel Force Radio. McInerney brings a healthy dose of humor to both podcasts and is beloved by much of the Star Wars fan community.

Star Wars Oxygen can be heard by downloading episodes from iTunes or by visiting Shotglass Digital.

To hear John Williams discuss his involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII, watch the video below:

For a taste of David Collins’ uncanny take on Captain Solo, check out this video feature on Smuggler’s Gambit: