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SDCC Update: More “Rebels” Clips and Her Universe Star Wars Fashion Show!


If you thought we’d already covered all of the exciting Star Wars news from Thursday’s San Diego Comic Con happenings, think again. We’ll be covering all the big stories from this year’s event, all week long here at DSOTF.

This morning, Lucasfilm released another Comic Con exclusive clip of Star Wars Rebels. We hadn’t even had time to recover from the awesome that was yesterday’s exclusive clip, posted by Entertainment Weekly.

This new clip features a daring escape by Ezra Bridger, the young character portrayed by voice actor Taylor Gray on the show. Ezra has some help from the brutish Zeb Orrelios, played by the incredible Steve Blum.

Check out the wonderfully fun new clip, titled “We’re Even”:

If you missed our report on Thursday’s The Heroes of Star Wars Rebels panel, go check that out. For a complete audio recording of the panel, Justin Bolger of TheForce.Net has that.

That’s still not all of the Star Wars goodness that you’re missing out on from SDCC. On Thursday evening, Her Universe hosted their first ever fashion show. Showcasing ladies’ fashion in “geek couture”, the event was the first of its’ kind and apparently not to be missed.

Her Universe is the creation of Star Wars fan favorite Ashley Eckstein, the beautiful and talented voice actress who played Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The company offers a popular line of clothing, designed specifically for fangirls!

For a complete rundown on the Her Universe fashion show and a terrific photo gallery, check out Victoria McNally‘s post over at The Mary Sue.

If you’d like to follow along with what’s happening at San Diego Comic Con, we suggest checking out the fantastic photos that The Star Wars Underworld  has been posting on Twitter, at @TheSWU.

We’ll keep updating with even more great Star Wars news from this year’s SDCC. Stay tuned for a complete recap of Friday’s events, right here at DSOTF!