Princess Leia Gets the Artistic Treatment


Earlier this week, the popular website Sketch Dailies prompted over 25,000 Twitter followers to share their artistic visions of Leia Organa. Hundreds of talented artists responded and we’d love to share a few of our favorites with you, below:

Samantha Youssef: Just found out @Sketch_Dailies was #PrincessLeia. Had to do a quick sketch 4 #sketch_dailies since I live 4 #starwars.

Sherry DeLorme: My little #PrincessLeia for @Sketch_Dailies #sketch_dailies #starwars.

Meg Simmons: Sketched a quick #PrincessLeia for @Sketch_Dailies to try and cheer myself up. #sketch_dailies

Nathan Baertsch: Go to Tatooine they said, it would be “fun” they said… @Sketch_Dailies #PrincessLeia #sketch_dailies

Pernille Ørum: #PrincessLeia for @Sketch_Dailies #StarWars #sketch_dailies #goldenbikini.

Sketch Dailies posts a new subject to their Twitter and Instagram accounts each day, for their followers to focus on. Recently, the artistic community came together to pay tribute to comedy legend Robin Williams.

There is clearly a purpose behind the Sketch Dailies movement, as the official site plainly states:

"Sketch Dailies is an international community of artists who create work based on a common theme. Artists of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to participate and submit their work to be shared on the Sketch Dailies page. The topics are posted only as inspiration from which artists are to create their own unique works. The topics are posted Monday through Friday and are shared on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Sketch Dailies maintains a “just for fun” atmosphere and is meant to inspire others to create and share their own unique visions. Some of the most popular works are shared on the Sketch Dailies website but it is a small fraction of the large quantity of work created every day from artists all over the globe."

It’s quite amazing to see so many different artistic renditions of a particular subject, especially when you consider that most of the work that is posted is finished within minutes. Star Wars fans should check out Sketch Dailies on Twitter and Facebook!