New Chrome Trooper Look Among Leaked “Episode VII” Concept Art


We still don’t know exactly what role the Empire will have in the new Star Wars trilogy, but thanks to a few leaked images, we now know what their forces may look like.

The latest pictures are supposedly “Episode VII” concept art, and they have been obtained and released by

Two of the three images show off a possible new look for a type of character called a Chrome Trooper. There’s really no other way to say this: It’s a badass design. Take a look:

The helmet has a metallic sheen to it, and the holes for the eyes and mouth are smaller and more curved than a normal stormtrooper’s. However, IndieRevolver reports that the troopers do not wear a hood or cloak in the final film, so don’t read too much into the trooper’s similarity to a Jedi or Sith.

Here’s the second image:

Although it’s not the same quality as the first picture, it is a similar look. The only noticeable difference is the eye slit seems to be much larger.

The real question, who will be inhabiting this costume? According to the latest rumors, John Boyega’s character is a rogue stormtrooper who ends up accompanying Daisy Ridley’s character on a journey across the galaxy.

But that’s not all. Another concept image depicting an intense lightsaber fight was also released by the same site. Take a look:

This image looks spectacular. Not only does it call to mind Ralph McQuarrie’s famous drawings for “A New Hope,” but it’s full of tantalizing elements. Why is a fight taking place near the Millennium Falcon? Who uses a yellow lightsaber? Who is the main wielding a blaster of some sort?

Even though these images aren’t from the actual movie set, they still provide a fascinating glimpse of the look that the filmmakers behind “Episode VII” are striving toward.