Star Wars Rebels: 6 Quotes Showing Ezra’s Journey


In Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion the main character of the episode, Ezra, goes on a great adventure and begins a new journey. His adventure is entertaining but can also be very instructive. Here are 6 quotes from this episode that I believe challenge us as we find our way through the journey of life.

"Ezra: “I was just doing the same thing you were, stealing to survive.”Zeb: “You have no idea what we were doing. You don’t know us.”Ezra: “And I don’t want to.”"

Ezra begins this journey alone. His primary responsibility in life has been looking out for himself in order to survive. He intrinsically believes that all people are primarily looking out only for their own interests so he believes that the crew of the Ghost is stealing for their own gain. Zeb contradicts Ezra’s assumption and rightfully points out that Ezra has no idea what this crew is about. At this point, Ezra tips his hand and let’s us see that he has no intention of seeing anyone else’s point of view of the world and how it works. In Ezra’s mind, everyone else shares his motivation for doing what they do.

"Ezra: “I’m in space!”"

This could be a throwaway line but I think it gives us insight into Ezra’s journey. It tells us that Ezra has never been off of Lothal. He has never seen the rest of the galaxy or any of its people. Lack of experience leads to a very narrow view of the universe. That view and Ezra’s perspective is about to be broadened.

"Ezra: “I didn’t do anything.”"

Ezra steps into Tarkin-town and, for the first time, experiences a group of people who are suffering greater injustice than he has. This encounter opens his eyes to a larger view of the universe and the people in it. He begins to see that there is great injustice and that some people, like the crew of the Ghost, are trying to do something about that injustice.

"Hera: “If all you do is fight for your own life than your life is worth nothing.”"

When the crew of the Ghost is lured into a trap, Hera needs Ezra to risk his own safety in order to warn the others. His view of the universe says that people don’t stick their necks out for others. Hera shows him another way. Hera has begun to show Ezra that we have a greater purpose in life than just self-preservation and that, in fact, self-preservation alone is no life at all.

"Kanan: “Kid, I’m about to let everyone in on the secret.”"

Since the Jedi purge, Kanan has spent his life hiding the fact that he is a Jedi. It would be suicide to reveal his true identity to the Empire, and yet, out of a need to save others, Kanan stands in front of a group of Imperials and ignites his lightsaber. This is a defining moment for Ezra in that he now understands the greater purpose of living for the sake of others, even if that means risk to yourself.

"Ezra: “I work alone.”Kanan: “Not this time.”"

In this climactic scene, Ezra is about to be captured by Agent Kallus. He tries to keep Kanan safe by claiming that he works alone. At that very moment, Kanan shows up and shows Ezra that he no longer has to be alone. Ezra now has a new family and a purpose for his life.

We are so often caught up in a small sighted view of the world. We cover our eyes with our own problems and hide from the great injustices all around us. We haven’t seen much more than our own culture and assume we know the motivations of everyone else. But if we can begin to broaden our interactions with others who are in some way different than us, our view of the world is changed. The world opens up and we begin to have a greater vision of who we can be in light of the rest of the world. Let’s follow Ezra’s lead and step onto the Ghost to see what adventure might await us as we try to serve others and overcome injustice rather than just serving ourselves.