New Interviews with “Rebels” Producers Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg


Fans looking for more insight into the production of the new animated series Star Wars Rebels are in luck this week, as an abundance of articles and interviews featuring the series’ producers have made their way onto the internet.

This morning, the Los Angeles Times posted a feature on the artwork behind the development of Rebels, including some interesting quotes from both art director Kilian Plunkett and executive producer Simon Kinberg.

Speaking on the influence of the legendary Ralph McQuarrie and how his work has shaped the look of RebelsPlunkett told the LA Times:

"“We wanted to go back to Ralph’s original paintings, because they were driven much more by imagination. We’re not being inspired by what was on screen. We’re being inspired by the stuff that inspired what ended up on screen.”"

Rebels executive producer Simon Kinberg also spoke to the LA Times about the direction of the series and the stories surrounding its’ characters:

"“It’s the origin story of the Rebel Alliance. They’re rebels who don’t imagine they’ll be part of a larger organization one day.”"

You can read the entire post from the Los Angeles Times, here.

Earlier this week, Collider posted a lengthy interview with Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni, in which fans can find some in-depth discussion on the further development of the new series.

On whether the show should be considered official Star Wars canon or not, Filoni told Collider’s Christina Radish:

"“Everything that I’ve worked on at Lucasfilm has been considered canon.  Working on Clone Wars, it was always canon.  I never really worry about it.  I always figured that most things that are done in a cinematic form, whether it be television or movies, are the only things that George considered canon because it was the stuff that he helped produce.  So, it made sense that this would be, as well.  And I’ve always thought of it that way.”"

Speaking on some of the influences surrounding the development of the heroes of Star Wars RebelsFiloni dropped some interesting names:

"“I would do pages of sketches of different characters and different character types.  I’d get together with the story group, or I’d send them pictures, and we’d start circling in.  I can definitely point at a picture of Kanan and say, “That is the one that is Kanan.”  I did a drawing of Kanan that was based on Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club.  Not his look, but his posture.  Kanan had to have a certain kind of cool that I knew in high school, that’s one of those guys who can be a nice guy, but is a little dangerous seeming.”"

Filoni also told Collider that the overreaching story of Rebels has already been mapped out, more or less:

"“I am a very big stickler about a game plan.  I don’t like to stick to it, but I need to know where we’re going.  When we did Clone Wars, I always had an end game in mind for Ahsoka, for years.  What was hilarious about that was that George had an end game in mind that was different than mine.  We would argue about it, all the time.  He was more in the, “We’re gonna kill her off,” camp.  I was in the, “No, she’s gonna live,” camp.  We forged the story over that debate, year after year.  So, we sat down and had a talk about, given what we know about the movies that this will run into, where does Ezra need to be and where should Kanan be?  We need to know those things, so that when we get really close in these timelines, it starts to make sense.  Once you have an idea of where this can go, it lets you know, as a director, how to orchestrate all of these pieces.  It sounds really stupid to say, but I’m a storyteller who loves to have a reason to tell these stories, rather than just staying, “Star Wars is a great story.”  Okay, but what is that great story?  Luke is a story of hope and selflessness and redemption for his father.  We have to know those things.  As we unveil them over time, I think it’s going to be really different, unique and exciting.”"

To read the entire interview with Dave Filoni, read the post at Collider.

Also, check out this great video of Filoni and Kinberg being interviewed at San Diego Comic Con: