In Appreciation Of R2-D2, The Galaxy’s Most Heroic Droid


There are many heroes in the Star Wars galaxy. You have the Jedi, the Clone Army (before Order 66), Padme, Princess Leia, Bail Organa, and more. When you look at the “good guys” in both of the wars in the saga, there have been many heroes that have fought the good fight, but only one has stood to fight the cause through both wars.

That hero is R2-D2.

Think about it. We often view R2-D2 as just a droid who happens to travel with the Jedi and Rebel Alliance throughout the films, but he is so much more. Unlike his counterpart C-3PO, Artoo is on the battle ground using his skills to assist those who need it. Sure, he is headstrong and hellbent on doing his mission at all times, but without this little astromech, the fate of the galaxy could have changed.

Whether it be shocking bad guys with his tools, setting droids on fire, or changing directions of elevators, Artoo has always been there when things seemed bleak for the good guys.

Here are 10 of his most heroic and memorable moments in the saga so far:

10. Revenge Of The Sith-

In this clip, R2-D2 has to standby and await orders from Anakin and Obi-Wan while they try and find the captured chancellor. He runs into some trouble, as two separatist droids show up to put an end to Artoo and his mission. Little did they know, Artoo has some powerful tools at his disposal. He sets them on fire, and without this moment, the chancellor could have stayed in Count Dooku’s trap. Of course, that ended up starting Anakin’s spiral to the dark side, but let’s not mention that.

9. The Phantom Menace-

In this scene from Episode 1, R2-D2 made his official introduction to the Star Wars saga with his first big save. While the ship holding Queen Amidala was under attack, the crew sent out a bunch of astromechs to fix the shields. All of them were blown away but one droid remained. That droid was R2-D2, and after he fixed the shields, it allowed the ship to make an emergency landing on Tatooine. It was on that planet that they found Anakin, and his journey to becoming Darth Vader began there. Again, let’s focus on the fact that without Artoo, the Jedi would have never found the chosen one, we can just forget that Sith part.

8. Star Wars Rebels-

In this scene, Artoo joins forces with this now famous band of Rebels. On a secret mission, he helps this team destroy a shipment of disruptors, and keep them out of imperial hands. Of course, 3PO almost ruins the whole thing, but R2-D2 was there to save the day again. Without his suggestion to Sabine, the rebels may have been defeated and the birth of the Rebel Alliance could have been stunted. He also relayed info to the assumed father of the rebellion in Bail Organa:

7. The Clone Wars-

In Episode 14 of Season 4 (“A Friend In Need”), Artoo joins Ahsoka in her attempt to escape the Death Watch. He is forced by the terrorist group to fix all of the droids they destroy for fun, but leave it to this unsung hero to make the most of a bad situation. Artoo fixes the droids, and turns them into an army that will help them escape. He also causes havoc and hands a tied-up Ahsoka her lightsabers when things seemed dark. He got the padawan out of a sticky situation that she got herself into, and once again it was this astromech that saved the day.

6. The Clone Wars-

In Season 2, Episode 21 (“R2 Come Home”), Boba Fett had left Anakin and Mace for dead. Their only hope was R2-D2, and Anakin’s confidence in his little friend would pay off. Artoo flew himself back to Coruscant to warn Ahsoka and the others. They get a Republic fleet to the two Jedi and once again this droid saved the day.

5. Droids-

In this series that aired in the 1980’s, we got a great look at two of the galaxy’s most famous droids. Of course, this series was much of the same old story. As you can see from the theme song, C-3PO was always freaking out, and R2-D2 was saving the day. While the protocol droid was always being nervous and worried, the astromech was always cool, calm, and collective. Though this series was short lived, it remains one of the most underrated aspects of the Star Wars Saga, and seeing Artoo be a boss on a weekly basis was awesome.

4. A New Hope-

In this scene from Episode 4, Artoo joins Luke in destroying the Death Star. As Luke approaches the point of no return, he screams “Artoo try and increase the power!” Of course, he does, and with his speaking to Luke on the translation computer (somehow Anakin didn’t need that), the son of Vader was able to blow the thing to pieces. As you will see on the next moment on our countdown, R2-D2 has a knack for helping these Skywalkers.

3. The Phantom Menace-

Just like when Artoo helped Luke blow up the Death Star, the droid also helped his father blow stuff up too. While on Naboo, Anakin found himself in a sticky situation during the battle. While Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were off fighting Darth Maul, Skywalker ascends into space to help the fleet. Artoo takes it off auto-pilot for the young kid, and helps guide him to the droid ship. Anakin ends up saving the day by blowing it up, and he couldn’t have done it without this pesky astromech at his side.

2. A New Hope-

In this scene from Episode 4, R2-D2 finds his way to Obi-Wan Kenobi to display a message from Princess Leia. Without Artoo escaping the ship with the Death Star plans, and finding Kenobi, none of the events of the original trilogy would have happened. By keeping his memory at the end of Episode 3, Artoo was able to understand the weight of his mission, and his determination saved the galaxy. Luke would have never faced off against Vader and The Emperor if R2-D2 doesn’t get to Obi-Wan.

1. Return Of The Jedi-

In this scene from Episode 6, R2-D2 saves the day once again when he shoots Luke’s lightsaber over the sarlaac pit and into his hands. Had he not been able to do so, Jabba might have defeated the heroes, and none of the events of Return of the Jedi would have happened. If it wasn’t for Luke’s trust in Artoo, the situation could have ended badly for the gang. Like he always does, R2-D2 saved the day, and without this moment, the empire would have remained at large.

Hopefully Star Wars fans can start to appreciate the galaxy’s most heroic droid from this day forward. This list was just 10 moments long, but there are countless more adventures that R2-D2 has been involved in. Without this little droid’s heroics, the fate of the galaxy could have very well turned for the worse.

Who knows what kind of adventures Artoo will get into in The Force Awakens. We can’t wait to see how he saves the day again.

***All clips and photos belong to LucasFilm