Luke Skywalker Makes His Voice Heard, Weighs in on “The Force Awakens”


To most Star Wars fans, Mark Hamill is the greatest hero in the galaxy. Yes, he’s well known for portraying Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker in the original space fantasy saga but he’s also served as a voice for nerds everywhere, throughout his entire career.

Hamill, a self professed science fiction and fantasy fan, has been making the rounds this past week to promote several of his upcoming projects, not the least of which is next year’s hotly anticipated film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While out promoting his role in the upcoming NBC television special Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas, Mark Hamill sat down with E! Online’s Marc Malkin, in which he discussed the reactions to the release of The Force Awakens teaser trailer.

During the E! interview, Hamill remarked how touching it was to see such a positive reaction from fans:

"“You know you sort of get isolated and you forget that to a certain segment of the population that this is very special to them and they love it at a level that most people don’t understand. That was moving to me. I got choked up seeing how happy it made people.”"

Mark Hamill also mentioned during the E! interview that he met with Star Wars costars Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford much earlier than most folks were aware of:

"“They had a dinner at a restaurant for us,” Hamill said. “They booked a room at a restaurant where we all met the new cast members. The three of us came together. In many ways, it was an out-of-body experience, but within the first five minutes, it felt like we had never been apart…We were all laughing and it was like we were on a break during The Empire Strikes Back.”"

Finally, Hamill commented on how he views “spoilers” and why he thinks fans should avoid them:

"“I don’t understand why people would want to know what happens!” he said. “I love not knowing. It’s a whole different world now where there’s an industry whose entire goal is to leak—to leak the entire script. I don’t understand it.”"

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While continuing to promote Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas, Mark Hamill also sat down with Eric Goldman from IGN. During a much more in depth interview, Hamill further discussed the admiration he has for his Star Wars: The Force Awakens costars.

From the IGN interview:

"“They’re all wonderful actors. I think they’ve done such a great job of not only the characters themselves, but the people they’ve picked to play them. John Boyega is just wonderful and Daisy, I just think the world of and Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac and Andy Serkis. They’re just… Like I say, this is in very, very good hands. I’m vicariously very proud of them even though I have no justification for being able to be proud!”"

Once again, Mark Hamill mentions during the IGN interview just how important he feels it is for fans of Star Wars to avoid “spoilers”.

On encouraging folks to prevent ruining the element of surprise, Hamill had this to say:

"To tell you the truth, I’m one of those people that… I like being surprised. I don’t want to read spoilers and I hate it when I go see a trailer and you see this thing and you go, “Gee, that’s pretty much the whole movie.” They set up the premise, they show the conflict, they show partial resolution. The only thing they don’t show is the end credits. Where’s the thrill in that?I’ve never had a pure movie-going experience since like that, because you always know in advance, especially if you’re in this business, what it’s about. You may have even read the script. You know so much about it it’s hard to be surprised anymore. I just don’t understand the motivation for people wanting to ruin it for people but that’s the world we’re living in. It’s based on clicks on websites to see if they can get information out there. I’ll be surprised if they don’t leak the whole script between now and next year. But I hope not!"

To read the entire IGN interview with Mark Hamill, check out Eric Goldman‘s post here.

When it comes to “spoilers”, we at DSOTF tend to side with our hero Luke Skywalker. The release of an official Lucasfilm production which continues the story beyond Return of the Jedi should feature an exciting NEW story which is completely unknown to all of us fans. We all have this once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the movie theater and be completely surprised by what we see up on the screen.

We’ll try and keep this site as “spoiler” free as possible and by doing that, we’ll avoid reporting on any wild speculation or unconfirmed “leaks”.

If you’re having a hard time remaining patient for the release of Star Wars: Episode VII next December, why not take a minute to enjoy a preview of Mark Hamill’s latest voice actor work in an clip from the upcoming NBC television special Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas?

Enjoy the voice talents of Mark Hamill and Jim Parsons by checking out the story at Entertainment Weekly.

Mark Hamill stars in the new animated special Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas.

How do you feel about Mark Hamill’s comments, Dork Siders? Do you agree with him on the infamous “spoilers” issue? Will you be tuning into to enjoy Hamill’s work in Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas?

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