The Force Awakens: A Fan’s Countdown Project


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What is a Star Wars fan to do during the excruciatingly long wait until The Force Awakens? Superfan

George Folz

is giving all fans a great gift over the coming year. Folz is posting a comic panel based on a classic Star Wars scene on

his Twitter page

every day in 2015!

When I heard about this daring undertaking I was skeptical about the quality and feasibility of his attempt. After seeing the first eleven pieces, I am now a believer and am looking forward to counting down the days with this artist. Below are my five favorites of the first eleven days. Go check out Folz’s work and support Star Wars fandom at its best.

He seems to have a real eye for drawing great likenesses of Leia and the two Leia pieces are my favorites. Leia with her gun up, ready for rebellion, has always been one of the most powerful shots from the Original Trilogy. Seeing this young woman lead the charge against injustice and stand up to two of the most terrifying people in the empire is a fantastic picture of strength in the face of corrupt power.

This piece takes us right into Return of the Jedi. We can feel the slug slime on our skin and smell the foul stench of Jabba’s breath in our face.

I love this scene from A New Hope and can’t wait for Old Ben to wave his hand and let the stormtroopers know that these aren’t the droids they’re looking for.

Sheev Palpatine is one of my favorite Star Wars characters and this piece captures him perfectly. Respect for his manipulation skills is unavoidable.

You can hear the Force Theme while Luke looks at the binary sunset on Tatooine. This scene causes us all to long for something greater, something more. Or maybe we’re just longing for December 2015 to be here sooner.

What do you think of Folz’s project? Which is your favorite piece so far? How are you counting down to The Force Awakens?