Star Wars #1 from Marvel Review!!


It’s a new era in Star Wars comics! This past Wednesday Marvel released the long-anticipated Star Wars Issue #1 and it certainly did not disappoint!

Spolier Warning for those who have not read the comic yet.

The story begins with a Main title page and Opening crawl that harkens back to the six films. The opening scene shows a shuttle approaching an Imperial weapons factory revealing that the crew on the shuttle is being led by Han Solo himself! Solo and his two bodyguards then are escorted into the weapons factory where they are to await the arrival of the “Negotiator.” Han and the bodyguards who are revealed to be Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia then take out all of the Stormtroopers who escorted them inside and got the location of the main power core from the Imperial Officer.

The group arrives at the power core where Han begins to set the override to blow it up sky high. Next we see Luke begin to tap into The Force saying to himself the famous lines “Your eyes can deceive you.” and “A true Jedi can feel The Force flowing through him.” He then senses something that draws him downstairs where he encounters a cage full of slaves who were working in the factory. Luke is approached by the Slavemaster, whom he disarms and frees the slaves.

Next we have Chewie who has been in a sniper tower overseeing the operation, relaying the message about an Imperial Shuttle arriving to the factory. The “Negotiator” is none other than Darth Vader! Leia orders Chewie to take his shot to try to take out Vader but he senses it through The Force and then uses his powers to bring down the sniper tower.

Vader then enters the factory after being informed that the reactor has been set to blow. The group and the slaves are ambushed by stormtroopers. Han leads them into a hanger full of AT-AT Walkers intending to commandeer on to escape! Leia senses that Luke is not with them and we see Luke walking down a corridor where he is contacted through The Force by Ben(Obi-Wan) Kenobi! Luke tells Ben that Darth Vader is there and he must face him. Ben has one word of advice for Luke … “RUN.”

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