Fan Favorites Hondo Ohnaka and Lando Calrissian Returning to “Rebels”


This past weekend brought tidings of good news for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Through a series of interviews, actors Jim Cummings and Billy Dee Williams revealed that they would be returning to the Disney XD television series as their respective characters, Hondo Ohnaka and Lando Calrissian.

Jim Cummings pulls a goofy face during an interview on stage.

During a live recording of the Full of Sith podcast at Salt Lake Comic Con’s “FanXperience”, veteran voice actor Jim Cummings spoke candidly on reprising his role as the beloved space pirate Hondo Ohnaka.

From the Full of Sith interview:

"At about minute 27:20, Jim Cummings drops a tidbit of information, expressing his sadness that The Clone Wars was over, but following that up by saying that Hondo might very well just be back for Star Wars Rebels.“And I think I’m allowed to tell you I’m back,” he told us, and elaborated further later saying that, “He’ll be back, but we do them so far in advance I don’t know when. So you’ll just have to watch them all. I do anyway, so what the heck.”"

You can watch the full video of Full of Sith’s live episode featuring the interview with Jim Cummings, in the video posted at Big Shiny Robot.

Bryan Young has the full report at Big Shiny Robot.

This past Friday, Jordan Maison posted at Cinelinx that he had spoken with Billy Dee Williams during a recent interview, in which the charming actor revealed that fans haven’t heard the last from Lando Calrissian as featured on Star Wars Rebels.

From the Cinelinx report:

"I got the chance to speak with Billy Dee last night one-on-one to talk about his return, and he confirmed we’ll see Lando again.  He said he’s been working with the Rebels crew for a year or so and when I asked him bluntly if we’ll see him again in Star Wars Rebels he responded: “Yeah!  There’s more adventures with Lando coming up.”He seemed enthusiastic about the role, adding: “They keep calling me up to do Lando, and I love Lando, so I don’t mind! As long as the fans keep responding to it in a positive way, they’ll keep bringing Lando back…”"

You can read more from Jordan Maison and his interview with Billy Dee Williams, at Cinelinx.

Lando Calrissian shares a moment with Chopper in Star Wars Rebels.

Check out a great clip of Billy Dee Williams in the studio for his return to Star Wars, in the video below:

Dork Siders, sound off! What other characters from The Clone Wars or the original trilogy would you like to see make a return in Star Wars Rebels? Leave us a comment below!