Title Fight! Kallus vs. The Inquisitor! Who do you have?


In this weeks episode of Star Wars Rebels, Vision of Hope, we saw a very important scene between Agent Kallus, our favorite ISB agent, and Minister Maketh Tua, the incompetent administrator on Lothal.  As Kallus is readying a plan to try and thwart the crew of The Ghost, Minister Tua interrupts with a message from The Inquisitor.

Here we finally start to see the true motivations of our to main Imperial antagonists. We know from the Darth Vader scene in Spark of Rebellion that The Inquisitor’s job is to hunt down any remaining Jedi and “Children of The Force” and either convert them to the Dark Side, or eliminate them. This is what we’ve seen any time The Inquisitor has confronted our crew. He is always preoccupied with Kanan and Ezra and leaves the rest of the crew to Kallus or other Imperial troops. He might care a little bit about the others being caught but his main goal is Jedi and Padawan.

On the other hand we have Kallus. He is always focused on the entire Rebel crew as a whole. Working for the Imperial Security Bureau his job is to locate and bring to justice any resistance groups operating throughout the galaxy. Kallus’ interpretation on the situation is that if he is able to bring the Ghost crew into custody then the Jedi will be captured along side.

In my opinion, I side with Agent Kallus on this issue of apprehension. I think that if he is able to corral the whole Rebel group at once he can deliver Kanan and Ezra straight to the Emperor himself, going over the head of The Inqusitor, which would certainly not be a good situation for him. I can’t wait to see how this relationship develops over the rest of Season One and going forward into Season Two.

What do you guys think? Are you on the side of Kallus’ broad view or The Inquisitor’s narrow minded “Jedi Capture” view?