Star Wars This Is Madness 2015 Voting Has Begun


Star Wars This Is Madness 2015 voting has begun! The Light Side characters vs the Dark Side characters tournament is back after last year’s edition, which saw Obi Wan Kenobi bring home the victory to the Light Side as the voted fan favorite. This Is Madness kicked off again this week with the voting of the Play Ins. Play Ins are characters that you can vote into the competition to face off against those who already have a slot. Two Play Ins from each category, the Dark Side and the Light, will be voted in as official competitors into the slots that are open. Here are the lineups:

The Light Side Play Ins:

Rebels – Wedge Antilles VS C-3PO VS Admiral Ackbar VS Sabine Wren

Jedi – Ahsoka Tano VS Kanan Jarrus VS Luke Skywalker VS Ezra Bridger

The Dark Side Play Ins:

Empire & Separatists – Admiral Piett VS General Veers VS Nute Gunray VS Agent Kallus

Bounty Hunters – Cad Bane VS IG-88 VS Asajj Ventress VS 4-LOM

The choices of matchups was interesting; the placing of fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano, heroine of The Clone Wars and Fulcrum in Star Wars Rebels, as a play in up against even more of a fan-favorite, Luke Skywalker is a surprising move, considering the possibility that she could easily be voted out and not even get a chance to be a contender in the full tournament. But, all it takes is enough votes to get her in; I cast my vote for her and Sabine Wren out of a desire to see a couple of newer female characters take part in the Madness. Out of the Dark Side matchups, I picked Admiral Piett and Asajj Ventress. I have a soft spot for Piett, as he seems above greedy ambition and appears as a stark contrast to the arrogance of his Imperial peers. Ventress is just cool. Her character went through a lot of growth throughout the course of The Clone Wars. I’m looking forward to seeing how she develops further in Dark Disciple, the standalone adult novel by Christie Golden coming out this summer.

Who are your picks for the Play Ins? Follow the link to to cast your votes before the Play In round is closed on Monday evening, and be sure to sound off your decisions in the comments below!