The Force Awakens Toy Listings From Target


It’s only March, but we already can’t wait for all of The Force Awakens merchandise to start hitting store shelves in the fall. But thanks to some intrepid digging by a fan, the wait might be a little easier…or maybe even harder!

Niklab, a member of of the Star Wars Action News forum, sent Venganza Media Gazette DPCI (Department, Class, Item) information for a long list of Star Wars toys coming to Target later this year. The list includes several items with “E7” (Episode 7) in their titles. Check it out:


087-06-3658 SW E7 3.75 Single Fig                             7.99$


087-06-3662 E7 Class 1 Vehicle                                   9.99$
087-06-3663 E7 Class 1 Dlx Vehicle                             24.99$
087-06-3664 Class II Vehicle                                       29.99$

087-06-3670 Black Series 6″                                        19.99$
087-06-3696 SW Black series 6in Fig 2.                         39.99$

087-06-3681 SW EP 7 Hero Series fig.                      9.99$
087-06-3694 SW E7 Hero Series Fig 6.                    49.99$

087-06-3675 SW Hero Mashers.                              9.99$
087-06-3676 SW Hero Mashers Dlx.                        14.99$

087-06-3644 SW Extendable Lightsaber                      9.99$
087-06-3645 SW E7 Mask asst                                   9.99$
087-06-3646 SW Villain Extendable Lightsaber           12.99$
087-06-3647 SW Nerf Foam Lightsaber                      14.99$
087-06-3648 SW Electronic Lightsaber                       19.99$
087-06-3649 SW Villain Electronic (mask)                  34.99$
087-06-3650 SW Villain Dlx Lightsaber                       29.99$
087-06-3651 SW Alien Electronic Mask                       29.99$
087-06-3652 SW Darth Vader Voice changing Helmet  34.99$
087-06-3653 SW Signature Lightsaber                       49.99$
087-06-3654 SW E7 Ammo Refill                                9.99$
087-06-3655 SW Villain Trooper Whit                         12.99$
087-06-3656 SW Sidekick Alien Blaster                      24.99$
087-06-3657 SW Villain Trooper Whit                         39.99$
087-06-3672  Toy constrc SW 2                                149.99$
087-06-3674 SW EP II Yoda Lightsaber.                     199.99$
087-06-3695 SW choose yr destiny lightsaber.             49.99$
087-06-3697 SW E7 Darth Vader Lightsaber.                44.99$

087-06-3684 SW vehicle blind bag.                          2.49$
087-06-3685 SW vehicle 3 pack.                                4.99$
087-06-3686 SW MM Dlx vehicle asst.                         9.99$
087-06-3688 SW E7 MM Battle Set.                            19.99$

3659 – 3661 had no information, only prices.
3677-3680 no info
087-06-3668 Black Series Die Cast                               4.99$
087-06-3689 SW Collectable                                      19.99$
087-06-3692 SW E7 RC Lead Hero Droid.                    79.99$
087-06-3693 Furby E7 Sidekick Alien.                          79.99$

One section that really interests me is the ROLE PLAY toy list.  Among the roleplaying toys are an “E7 Mask asst” and several other “Villain” listings, which include lightsabers. Not all of them have the Episode 7 designation, however, so we’ll have to wait for more clarification to determine if “villain” refers to an Episode 7 character or one of the classic villains from the previous six films. We are getting another Darth Vader lightsaber, plus a Yoda lightsaber, so we’ll see how much of the other items are from the prequel and original trilogies, as well.

Another point that I think is cool comes from the “Sidekick Alien” listings, which practically confirm that there is going to be a sidekick alien in The Force Awakens. Of course, they could be referring to Chewbacca; but according to rumors from Episode 7 spoiler-expert site Making Star Wars, there will be a new alien sidekick played or voiced by Lupita Nyong’o. So these toy listings could be our hint that some of these old rumors are true.

It’s great to see the plans for all the merchandise that’s going to be rolled out for The Force Awakens. And, as I said in opening, it’s only March! This is where the fun begins…