Help make Lightsabering an Olympic Sport


Have you ever caught yourself watching competitive floor tumbling, during the Olympics, and thought to yourself, why the heck am I watching this? Have you fallen asleep to the subtle sounds of splashing water coming from the synchronized water ballet? Has horse dancing made you question your very existence? Then we think we’ve found the salve to sooth your hurting soul.

Light My Saber is a grass roots campaign to get Lightsabering into the 2016 Olympics. The movement is founded on the principles that the great country of America, itself, was founded upon…the love of all things Star Wars. Watch this helpful video, and help ignite the fires of competition.

"“Lightsabering is the fastest growing sword sport, with millions of fans across the globe. This noble and iconic sport deserves to be an official event at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!”"

Yes…yes it is. Teaching the mystical art of lightsabering, to millions of children, not just in America but across the world, is the true and real vision of the Star Wars franchise…well, except for The Phantom Menace, seriously, f**k that movie.

So take this video, share it, and spread the word. Lightsabering can be the sensation that will sweep this nation, but only if you help. Ignite your lightsabers my brethren, and do not be ashamed. Was George Washington ashamed when he crossed the Delaware? Did Abraham Lincoln hide timidly behind his mother’s skirts instead of delivering the Gettysburg Address? No, they did not and neither should you.

Making Lightsabering a legitimate Olympic sport, will validate all those hours spent in my parents back yard, swinging my cardboard lightsaber (made from my mother’s Christmas wrapping paper), making “swoosh” noises, and cutting down every imaginary foe in my path. Together, we can make this happen…yes we can!

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