Watch Two Clips from the Star Wars Digital Collection Extras


Yesterday brought the big news that all Star Wars films would be released online in digital HD. They would also come with some never-before-seen extras, including two series of behind-the-scenes featurettes, which you can watch snippets of below.

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The first clip, via USA TODAY, is from the series “Star Wars: Conversations,” in which various creators of the universe talk about how their experiences working on the films. This video features Roger Christian, an Oscar-winning set decorator on A New Hope, and filmmaker Joe Johnston, who recently directed the first Captain America movie but got his start working on the visual effects of the original trilogy.

In the video, the two reminisce about working with George Lucas and trying to realize his vision for the film. They talk about how the Tantive IV was the original design for the Millennium Falcon, but that all had to be changed when another film debuted a similarly designed spaceship. Check it out:

USA TODAY published a longer interview with Christian, in which he recalls how they built the interior of the Millennium Falcon out of basically whatever they could find.

"“The Falcon’s interior was built mostly from any scrap that Christian could find — he used old fighter plane seats for the cockpit, and fashioning the chess table where C-3PO plays chess with Chewbacca and other aspects of the ship took him ‘a good six to eight weeks’ of bringing more and more plane parts and breaking them down, he recalls. ‘If you look at the walls, it looks a bit like a space submarine.'”"

Meanwhile, another clip from the other featurette series “Discoveries from Inside,” via Collider, appears to put to rest a long-held debate in the fan community: What’s the color of Han Solo’s jacket in The Empire Strikes Back?

Between shooting before Greedo and wearing jackets that change color, Han is probably the most controversial character in the entire franchise.

As brief as they are, these clips offer a tantalizing glimpse at the new revelations and insight we’ll get into the making of the films. It’ll be fascinating to see what else we learn from the people who helped build this universe from scratch.

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