LEGO releases posters for all six Star Wars movies

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As part of the festivities for the digital release of all six Star Wars movies, and the Star Wars Celebration, next week (April 16-19), LEGO has released six all new Star Wars posters, one for each of the six Star Wars movies.

According to Time Magazine, LEGO plans on giving these posters away to attendees at the Star Wars Celebration. However, if you are unable to attend the Celebration, never fear, because starting May 4th, LEGO will sell the posters on their site, via the LEGO Shop.

Here’s a look at each poster:

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

You’ve got to appreciate the detail in LEGO Amidala. Also, I don’t think that I would allow my child to own a Jar Jar Binks LEGO, because you know…raising them right, and all.

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