5 Questions About the Second Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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2. Are these new planets? Or old ones?

We saw a few familiar-looking locations, but not necessarily old ones. For one, J.J. Abrams threw a curveball at fans during the panel by saying that the desert planet we’ve seen so far ISN’T Tatooine, but a new planet called “Jakku” (or Jaku, or Jacu, or Jaqqooo, or some other spelling).

In the trailer, we also get glimpses of a snow planet where an Imperial army is amassing, and we also see a forest planet with rivers that a squad of X-wings are flying over.

Is that first location Hoth, or a new ice planet? Are the X-wings on the moon of Endor, or a brand new location? Will all these planets have a single topographical feature like always?

I for one was thrilled that the desert planet is not Tatooine, even if it looks the same. New planets means the series is unwilling to retread over familiar storylines, and we can finally witness new characters shaped by new environments. It’s always a good sign that the Star Wars universe is growing larger instead of smaller.

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