Watch the Star Wars Battlefront Panel Live


Today is the day we see Battlefront in all its glory. Day two of the Star Wars Celebration has begun, and the big-ticket for today’s Live-Stream, is the Star Wars Battlefront Panel. EA Star Wars has announced that they will be releasing the first full and official trailer for Battlefront, which will be vastly different from the one they showed at E3 in 2014.

EA has been hyping today’s events from their official Twitter account with full art of the Stormtrooper, and t-shirts that are available at the Celebration.

Of course I want a cool Stormtrooper t-shirt. Yes I am excited. And, I want multi-player maps where hundreds of Stormtroopers are charging across the snowy plains of Hoth, blasting away at each other.

What we should expect from today’s Panel, is an official release date for the game. Yesterday news was passed around that it would sometime this November, while others held to the belief that December 10th would be the exact date. Game Stop Italy put a link on their website, a few weeks ago, that had December 10 as the date the game would hit shelves.

Next to yesterday’s The Force Awakens Panel, where the second trailer for the movie debuted, this Battlefront event is what I could not wait to see. For all the hype surrounding this Panel, I sincerely hope they bring it like JJ Abrams did yesterday.

You can watch the LIVE-STREAM here

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