Josh Trank’s Star Wars Anthology Film gets a Code Name


The good folks over at Making Star Wars have uncovered the code name for Josh Trank’s Star Wars spin-off, or rather, Anthology film, since that’s the official name of the Star Wars stand-alone spin-off movies, now. MSW is reporting that Trank’s film is called “Tin Can” for now, but much like with every Star Wars film, that name will change once the official news about its plot and cast, come to light.

What were some of the other code names for previous Star Wars films? Well I’m glad you asked. The Force Awakens was named “Foodles” and “AVCO” while Rogue One was going by “Los Alamos.” Return of the Jedi was called “Blue Harvest” which was arguably made famous by Family Guy, and Episodes I-III were hidden under the acronym “JAK Productions” using the first letter of each of Lucas’ three children.

Getting back to Trank’s “Tin Can.” At this point we have zero clue as to the plot of his movie, the cast, or the locations he plans on shooting in, but we can sure as heck speculate. MSW notes that “Tin Can” could have to do with Boba Fett, and oh my, wouldn’t that be awesome. Fett is probably one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars universe, simply for his badass bounty-hunting ways.

To me, “Tin Can” sounds like a clue to a movie having to do with droids. Now, would people be excited to watch an entire Star Wars movie dedicated to, oh, let’s say R2-D2? Probably not, but that’s the fun of speculation…literally anything could come true, at this point.

MSW does make a note of the fact that Lucasfilm has recently registered “501st Stormtrooper” which could possibly have something to do with “Tin Can.” I mean, I could see a trooper being called a tin can, what with all the armor and such. Although, it may have to do with the fact that the old 501st are making an appearance in Star Wars Rebels Season 2, as old and grizzled vets. For now, “Tin Can” remains a mystery, and I guess we will just have to wait.

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