The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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Like the Star Wars universe itself, Celebration Anaheim is too vast for anyone to fully comprehend or imagine what takes place. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

In the following slides, we’ve gathered what were the best moments throughout the convention, from our favorite cosplayers to the funniest jokes and asides made by Star Wars fans and creatives. Inside, you’ll find a stormtrooper proposing to his girlfriend, an entire cosplaying group dedicated to an ice cream maker, and a look at what Han Solo and Princess Leia should look like in The Force Awakens.

You’ll find the biggest news that came out of this past weekend, like the new villains featured in Episode VII and how Disney is planning to approach the standalone films.

And most of all, you’ll find every reason why we love a galaxy far, far away, and why it’s impossible not to be excited about the franchise’s past, present and future. Enjoy.

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