The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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31. Return of the Jedi Producer Howard Kazanjian

It was one of the few panels at the convention where you could simply walk right in and take a seat rather than standing in line, but the fascinating session with Return of the Jedi producer Howard Kazanjian should have been standing room only.

I had the fortune of listening to Kazanjian talk about what it was like coordinating the production of Episode VI. The movie gets a lot of flak, but Kazanjian is clearly still very proud of what they pulled off in the film, and he even showed off a few of his archived clips from behind the scenes back in the day.

Plus, he dropped a small nugget of film trivia when he revealed the reason why David Lynch turned down the opportunity to direct: The Twin Peaks filmmaker wanted to bring in his own replacements for Ben Burtt and John Williams.

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