The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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28. The Strange Fate of Boba Fett

It’s interesting to see that while Lucasfilm is surging full speed ahead when it comes to filling out the new canon with stories, they’re also still unsure about a few dangling threads when it comes to canonicity.

For example, in a panel with Pablo Hidalgo at Celebration that focused on how the Lucasfilm Story Group is approaching the new universe, the Star Wars creative made a very interesting statement in regards to the fate of Boba Fett, who fell into that Sarlaac’s mouth in Episode VI.

“Boba Fett is simultaneously alive and dead in that Sarlaac Pit until a story pulls him out,” Hidalgo said, leading some at the convention to appropriately label him “the Schrodinger’s Cat of the Star Wars universe.” Still, it only fosters hope for a spinoff film or some other property that will focus on the most feared bounty hunter of all time.

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