The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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49. Carrie Fisher Fulfills a Dream Shared by Millions of Star Wars Fans

While we learned a lot of things about Disney’s upcoming plans for the Star Wars franchise (which the following slides will go into more detail on), the convention also shed some light on the personalities of the cast and crew who helped build this universe together. And that included a few surprising revelations.

For example, Princess Leia is actually a party animal.

During her speech to fans on Friday, Carrie Fisher did away with the twin buns and let her hair down, putting all of her endearing and quirky personality on display. She called herself “a space slut” after watching a video of all of her kisses from the movies and other venues. She dropped a few F-bombs. And she even shared a story about how she got drunk at a Monty Python actor’s house with the Rolling Stones, and showed up to set the next morning still drunk.

But by far the best part of her panel was the moment she fulfilled a fan’s dream, which is no doubt shared by millions of other Star Wars fans both young and old, by giving him a big kiss onstage. Turns out Fisher has plenty of diplomatic skills herself.

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