The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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3. Disney Reveals Plans for Anthology Films and Teases Rogue One

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Of course everyone’s excited about the new trilogy, but I’m almost more curious about how Disney will handle these standalone movies, which they’re referring to as “anthology films.” It’s essentially lifting the Expanded Universe to the big screen, and we got our first taste of what that might be like with the Sunday panel with Rogue One director Gareth Edwards (which was also supposed to feature Josh Trank, who was a no-show).

Edwards premiered a teaser for his upcoming movie that consisted of one gorgeous shot, a title card and some mystifying audio. The film will follow the story of the rebel faction that steals the Death Star plans, in a hybrid of a heist film and a war movie.

Edwards says he will attempt to add some gritty realism to the Star Wars franchise, which he proved by showing a still from the photo that recalls images from horrific war films like Saving Private Ryan.

If all goes to plan, this could be the first step in Disney transposing the franchise’s hallmarks in new, interesting ways.

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