The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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47. The Desert Planet That Isn’t Tatooine

One of the first tantalizing pieces of information about The Force Awakens came just before the trailer premiered on Thursday during the panel with J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. Abrams threw a curveball at fans by letting slip that the desert planet we’ve seen so far is in fact NOT Tatooine, but a new planet called Jakku.

This is the location seen in the first shot of the new trailer, which shows a Star Destroyer and an X-Wing decaying in the desert sands. Even if Jakku bears some strong similarities to Tatooine, to me this is a good sign for the franchise, as it shows Abrams and Co. want to explore new territory both literally and figuratively while avoiding rehashing the same story threads.

Plus, I like the subtle deception that the filmmakers pulled in letting us THINK it was Tatooine the whole time. What other surprises are in store for us that are already right under our noses?

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