The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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2. Exclusive Premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Opener

A lot of fans were skeptical that Disney could take its own animated Star Wars series and match the standards set by The Clone Wars, but those doubts were erased by the first season of Star Wars Rebels. And the premiere of the show’s second season, “The Siege of Lothal,” which doesn’t have an air date yet but was shown exclusively in full at Celebration on Saturday night, will take the story in an even more thrilling direction.

The episode surprised by fan expectations by diving right in to some of the more anticipated confrontations that were hinted at in the trailer, including a battle between Ezra, Kanan and Darth Vader, as well as the Sith Lord’s revelation of Ahsoka Tano’s existence. Check out my full review here, and stay tuned for more details as to when you can see it on Disney XD.

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