The Top 50 Moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

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43. Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards Is a Huge Star Wars Nerd

While the panel for Rogue One on Sunday mainly served to introduce fans to the concept and purpose of the Star Wars spinoff films, it also allowed them to get acquainted with the newest director to join the Star Wars team. Director Gareth Edwards wasn’t shy about sharing his passion for Star Wars, and it turns out he has plenty of proof.

The filmmaker actually traveled to the set that served as Luke’s home on Tatooine for his 30th birthday. He slept in the hut, watched the (single) sun set, and even dyed his milk blue, living out the fantasy of millions of other fans.

And plus, he also showed off a heartwarming moment he captured on his phone, when he told his mom that he was directing a Star Wars film. You’ve officially passed your Star Wars fan club test, Gareth.

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