Savannah & Eric: A Star Wars Celebration Marriage Proposal


Love is perhaps the most essential theme of the Star Wars saga. Passionate love drove Anakin Skywalker to risk everything to save the woman he loved. The love between Princess Leia and the irresistible scoundrel Han Solo stayed them in times of hardship and war. Finally, the love between a father and son brought a man back from the brink of the Dark Side, back into the Light.

At Star Wars Celebration, the love was rich and palpable. Tears were shed at the sight of the new The Force Awakens trailer, and fans who had never met each other in person before bonded over pizza and cosplay. Therefore, it only seems appropriate that at Star Wars Celebration, one of the purest expressions of love in our society took place. And of course it happened in the geekiest, most adorable fashion a Star Wars fan could ever wish for.

This is the story of a Star Wars Celebration marriage proposal.

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We begin our tale with two Star Wars fans: Savannah and Eric. Like the twin suns of Tatooine, Savannah and Eric share a beautiful relationship, which is made all the more special and unique by their shared love of all things Star Wars. It was this love that would set the stage for the very special question that Eric planned to ask Savannah that would change their lives forever. And that stage was to be Star Wars Celebration.

Who do you go to when you need to launch an elaborate plan of action? Fulcrum, of course! Ashley Eckstein, the voice of the Togruta Jedi Ahsoka Tano on The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, helped Eric concoct a scheme for executing the proposal, all under the nose of the unknowing Savannah. Meanwhile, Ashley invited Savannah to take part in a fashion show at Celebration that would be showing off some new Her Universe products (Her Universe being Eckstein’s geek-chic fashion line for women). “He [Eric] and Ashley worked together to create the fashion segment and planned exactly how he would ask me the big question,” Savannah writes on her blog, The Dorky Diva. Eric himself, Ashley told Savannah, would be needed in the fashion show as well, dressed in his full suit of custom-made Stormtrooper armor.

Thus was the future was set in motion.

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The day finally arrived. Still happily unaware of what was in store, Savannah and her mother arrived at the live stream Cantina at Star Wars Celebration to model the new clothing line. A rank of Stormtroopers, with Eric primed and ready for his big moment, made up the show’s honor guard. When Savannah stepped out in the beautiful pale blue Cloud City dress, X-Wing insignias on the collar of her cardigan, she “felt like a princess.”

Which was convenient, as she was about to become the heroine of her own real life fairytale.

The magic begins in the video below, at the 2 hour and 40 minute mark.

And as if the proposal wasn’t Star Wars enough, check out this picture of the amazing, custom-made ring that Eric designed for his bride-to-be:

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“There are 8 blue stones to the left of the diamond and 6 to the right, ” Savannah says. “There is also a little red ruby on the right to look like Artoo’s holo-projector.” The result is a beautiful ring with a Star Wars flair that’s subtle but chic. And the best part is, Savannah will always have a good droid by her side!

It’s always a wonderful thing when the parts of your life that you are most passionate about are able to come together, especially when you’re die-hard fans of a franchise like Savannah and Eric. A Star Wars engagement is certainly one of the most exciting things I could imagine experiencing, and I’m happy that Eric and Ashley were able to plan and execute this beautiful proposal.

I would like to join the internet in wishing that the Force be with Savannah and Eric in this next stage of their relationship!

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