The Force Awakens Teaser Poster On Display In US Theater


There has been an awakening… have you felt it? At least one fan has felt it, and he has what appears to be legitimate photographic proof of a teaser poster for The Force Awakens being on display in a theater.

Check out this tweet by Darren Hayes:

According to Hayes’s Twitter bio, he is the official co-host of a comedy podcast called the Hesaid Hesaid Show, in addition to being a singer/songrwriter, actor… and a Jedi. Clearly, he’s a Star Wars fan; and in addition to being professionally accomplished, his Twitter account is also verified, so it’s unlikely that he would be making this up.

(Not only that, but this image doesn’t look photoshopped, at least not to me, and why would you bother to go to all that trouble? Just kidding, I know some people would, but in this case the article seems genuine).

According to Making Star Wars, Haynes is from Los Angeles, though he didn’t give the precise location of the poster when he took the photo. Amanda Ward from MSW is waiting for a response from Haynes confirming the location.

In looking at the teaser poster itself, it’s pretty simple: nothing flashy, nothing really artistic like what we saw from the prequel movies’ teaser posters. But then, given the amount of secrecy surrounding the film, it’s not a surprise that we aren’t able to glean much information from it.

Still, it’s great to see that The Force Awakens is beginning to make its way into the public eye a little more. The next time you go to your local theater, keep your eyes peeled! You may see Star Wars in more ways than as a preview before The Avengers: Age of Ultron.